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My pin collection gives me so many good memories

Kidsday reporter Sutton Drastal-Applegate shows off her pin

Kidsday reporter Sutton Drastal-Applegate shows off her pin collection. Credit: Drastal-Applegate family

One of my hobbies is to collect pins. I have 24. I like to collect pins because then I have memories of where I have been.

Some of my favorite pins are from the times that I went to Macy’s Santaland. They all have a drawing of Santa on them. But there are not just pins from Macy’s. I have pins from Disney, Sagamore Hill, the Bronx Zoo, Universal Studios, Hard Rock Café and the Museum of Natural History.

Also, my grandfather and uncle were both in different wars, and they gave me pins from those too. My first pin was from Sagamore Hill when I was 5. Ever since then, I have collected pins. It started out as me not noticing I was doing it, then when I was 7, it became a real thing. In gift shops, I would look for pins to take home.

Jennifer Speicher’s fourth-grade class, PS 79Q, Whitestone

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