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Pink is our fashion preference

Kidsday reporters and Pink fans, from left, Nilaysia

Kidsday reporters and Pink fans, from left, Nilaysia Coleman, Kaylee Merkle, Kimberly Dragotto, Gabriella Matthews and Emily Maldonado. Credit: Allison Krieb

Have you ever heard of the clothing brand Pink? You probably have because Pink is promoted worldwide. Pink obviously didn’t magically become popular. So how did it get so well liked and loved?

Pink started with the owners, Roy Raymond and Richard Dent III. Roy Raymond is the founder of the Victoria’s Secret clothing line, and Richard Dent is a company executive.

Pink sells products for older teens and young adults. It opened its first store in Canada more than 10 years ago.

Pink sells clothing that is switched up for each season. For example, in the summer there are all types of swimsuits and shorts. In the fall, there are sweatpants and sweatshirts. In the winter, look for cozy pajamas, and in the spring there are windbreakers.

So how did the brand get so popular? Well, customers seem to like shirts, leggings and other clothing items with “PINK” printed on them.

So when you go shopping, think Pink, and you will be in style with so many of your classmates.

Allison Krieb and Mike MacKenzie’s sixth-grade class, Longwood Middle School, Middle Island

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