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How to play Pizza Tag

Kidsday reporter Katiemae Murray, left, and classmates play

Kidsday reporter Katiemae Murray, left, and classmates play Pizza Tag. Photo Credit: Cara Grace-Nizich

One of our favorite games to play at school recess is Pizza Tag.

Here is how to play. You need at least four friends to play. These are the steps:

1. Pick a chef (the tagger).

2. Choose your order of ingredients (pepperoni, cheese, sauce, etc.).

3. Choose among the other players who is each ingredient while the chef is not around.

4. Tell the chef the order and to count to 20.

5. When the counting starts, run!

After you do all that, the chef will try to tag all the ingredients. If you get tagged and you are not the ingredient the chef is looking for, say "sorry" and run away. But if you are, go sit in the oven (anywhere the chef chooses). The game keeps going until the chef gets all the ingredients and says, "make a pizza."

Cara Grace-Nizich’s fifth-grade class, JFK Elementary School, West Babylon


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