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Planning the perfect Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl is Feb. 1 with the Seahawks playing the Patriots. Are you ready for the game? Kids in our class were trying to figure out the best Super Bowl party possible and, believe it or not, the girls had a different idea about the party than the boys. Here are their versions:

Girls' side

Have you ever been to a Super bowl party? There is food, a TV and boys in jerseys either yelling things like: "Yeah! Touchdown!" or "Why didn't you pass?!" That's what happens. If you were a girl, this is what you think.

Honestly the only thing I like about Super Bowl parties are halftime shows and the funny commercials.

The ingredients for the perfect Super Bowl party for me start with the perfect guest list. It's fun to have a mix of people who are fans of both teams.

Healthy competition leads to excitement. Decorations add to the festivity. It's fun to have colors that match the teams.

Even the icing on a cupcake can enhance the spirit. The perfect Super Bowl party would have food.

No party in my eyes is complete without party favors. Everyone leaves with a perfect party favor. Each guest goes home with a chocolate football.

Boys' side

When I go to a Super Bowl party, I need a few things: food, friends and a TV. The most important part is the food. The best Super Bowl food is wings. No matter what team is in it, the food makes a party awesome.

Why is there even a halftime show? Can't people just go to a concert? Why are there such long commercials? Why don't they do that for regular games? They should have commercials, but not 10, 1-minute long commercials in a row. I love football and watching the Super Bowl so the way to watch the big game is gear up in your favorite teams jerseys, eat, sit back, and the best part, enjoy the game. Because, it is all about the game!

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