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Play ball at All Star Arena in Coram

Kidsday reporters Anthony Traube and James Krauss with

Kidsday reporters Anthony Traube and James Krauss with arena manager Amanda Schlee Credit: Angela Mile

Imagine you can play all different types of sports indoors. Well, you can. That place is the All Star Arena located in Coram. If you like sports, but it is too cold or rainy outside, this is the place for you. Some of the types of sports played are lacrosse, soccer, field hockey and football. The arena also allows schools around Long Island to use it for indoor competitive games. When we got there on a Saturday, a girls lacrosse team was out on the field in the middle of a game. We met Amanda Schlee, the manager of the All Star Arena. We asked her questions about the All Star Arena. One question we asked was: “What are the bad and good parts of working there?” She said, “The bad part is yelling at workers for not doing their jobs. The good parts are working with people I like to be around.” Amanda also explained that the All Star Arena can be used for birthday parties. How cool would a soccer party be?

If you like soccer and lacrosse, their turf field is enormous. They also have a hockey rink. You can play dek hockey, too. It is great to get involved with the team leagues they organize too.

They are located at 635 Middle Country Rd., Coram. Call 631-496-9020. Check them out:

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