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Playbills: My collection of Broadway memories

Kidsday reporter McKenzie Murphy, of St. Mary School,

Kidsday reporter McKenzie Murphy, of St. Mary School, East Islip, with Playbills from some her favorite Broadway shows. Credit: Cori Murphy-Phillips

Whenever you go to a Broadway show, you receive a booklet called Playbill containing ads about other theater programs, credits to the people in the show, and the order of the play. I have gone to numerous shows and have collected many of the Playbills  from each show I’ve seen.

I have 31 Playbills from shows including “Pretty Woman” (I have five from that show), “Hamilton,” “Frozen” (I have nine from that show),  and “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical.”

Of all the shows I’ve seen, my favorite so far has to be “Dear Evan Hansen.” The music was incredible, and the actors were so invested that I could feel their emotions from their voices. I sat in the fourth row, so I had a really good view of the stage and the actors. The band was phenomenal. Everything about the show was so beautiful and emotional.

The message of the show — that everyone will be found — is incredibly moving as well. The actors and music convinced me that everyone could be found.

Marytheresa Donohue's seventh-grade class, St. Mary School, East Islip

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