Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Airsoft gives me a shot at some real excitement

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Giavanna Gatterdam, Levittown

I like to play airsoft, which is about shooting and playing with pellet guns that shoot nonlethal plastic pellets. I also have some gear — a helmet, face mask, goggles, a pair of boots, an army suit and a pair of real $100 army gloves with carbon fiber on them.

I love to play airsoft with my friends and just by myself. I go to Ricochet Tactical in Levittown for supplies and events. They have an obstacle range and wooden walls. You can hide really well so you can sneak up and “get” your opponent. It’s very dark in the place, but that adds to the excitement. After a while your eyes adjust and it is easier to see. You can enroll in private sessions with just you and a group of friends. They are sessions where you can play with more than six people. I go every weekend and play for a couple of hours.

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