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Playing American Indian games, lots of fun and history

This year our school held the first Native American Games in the gymnasium. It was only for the fifth-grade students. These games were actually played by the American Indians long ago. We participated in a variety of fun games. Some of them were hoop shoot, lacrosse and hockey.

In each game teams or individuals earned points for coming in first place. Each class represented one of the five American Indian tribes. The names of these tribes are Mohegan, Shinnecock, Montauk, Seneca and Mohawk. A few students were chosen from each class to design a sled for each tribe. The Mohawk tribe's design won. Also during the games, each tribe had a chief who wore a special shirt.

A really fun event was the Iditarod dog sled race. Cameron, Isaiah and I were representing our class as the dog sledders. Some kids in our class decorated our sled. Then all the teams lined up at the starting line. Two people would pull the two handles on the jump rope and the dog sledder would sit on the scooter or the dog sled and hold the middle of the jump rope. Then they said go and all the teams took off. We did our best, but we finished second in that event.

At the end of the Native American games, the gym teachers counted up the points for each tribe. The first-place winner was the Montauk tribe, and they received a Golden Tomahawk. To conclude, we all did our best to show good sportsmanship and teamwork. Everyone had a great time at these games and it was a great way to learn more about our country's history.


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