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Playing, and growing, at Camp Zeke

There are many fun activities to choose from

There are many fun activities to choose from at Camp Zeke. Photo Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kuipi Lam, Jericho

Camp Zeke in Lakewood, Pennsylvania, is great summer camp for kids. It can teach campers to be kind, take care of their body, improve on many things, work together, and take care of themselves by themselves.

Camp Zeke is a sleep-away camp for 7- to 17-year-olds. The wake-up time is 7 a.m. and breakfast is at 8. Breakfast is delicious. Then we do three really fun activities, such as dance, circus, playground, cooking, basketball, swimming, and more. In between the first activity and second activity, we have a snack. After activities, we have lunch at 1:15. After lunch, we have rest hour. Then we have three more activities. A delicious dinner is at 6. After dinner, we have an evening activity. Sometimes we play a game of Capture the Flag, or we have a competition, movie or party. Finally, we go to bed.

In camp, everybody belongs to a group with three counselors. Every group has about 10 kids. Camp Zeke has a lake and a bunch of water toys that are really fun.

Camp Zeke is a Jewish camp, so we celebrate Shabbat. We pray, but still have fun.

Every week, the counselors give out beads. Each bead represents a value at camp: The values in English and Hebrew are love and kindness (gemilut hasadim), taking care of your body (shmirat haguf), improving yourself (tikkun middot), and staying together as a community. Everyone has to try to follow these values.

As you can see, Camp Zeke will teach you a lot and keep you healthy. If you are interested in this camp, sign up quickly, because the camp fills up fast. The website is

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