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Playing at Marshall Chess Club in NYC

What is one of the oldest chess clubs in America? Where is it located? How often are tournaments held at this chess club? If you couldn't answer any of these questions, it's all right. You're going to find the answers and more in this article.

The Marshall Chess Club, founded in 1915 and headquartered at 23 W. 10th St. since 1931, is in a building in Manhattan built in 1832 and is one of the oldest chess clubs in America


The club holds tournaments almost every day. On the days when there are no tournaments, there is still casual play or lectures by chess masters. This makes the Marshall Chess Club one of the most active clubs in the United States. The club has hundreds of members.

I play chess. My dad got me started at age 5; we go to the club a lot. I will play anyone, even people who are older than me. I am now ranked 1,876th in the country by the United States Chess Federation. I play in tournaments throughout the Northeast. Chess is a great game, and it helps me in every aspect of my life. I am a better student and more organized. A lot of that comes from the discipline of playing this game.

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