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Good Afternoon

Playing chess can help kids' thinking process

People of all ages enjoy playing chess, but does it make you smarter? Some may wonder about this, and we are here to say, "Yes, it does!"

We think kids do think more strategically after a chess game. A mathematical practices teacher commented about chess for us. "Every move is a new problem, a problem that you need to solve," said Kathy Neumann, our teacher.

Kidsday reporter Aditya is a kid in our class who is really good at chess. He even goes to a chess club. He says, "I think that chess is a good game for people of all ages because it helps kids think better and improve their skills. When I play chess, I use all of the principles that my [chess] master taught me to use. I have improved in my thinking, and I have won against many people."

Ms. Neumann talked to us about the importance of chess. She said, "Many schools all over the country have chess teams because they know that chess helps kids develop better thinking skills and notice that they can be learning while they are having fun. I don't think kids play enough, and having fun is critical for children. Kids should play more, and they will learn something new every time they experience a new game. It's not only chess but all games."

She also reminded us that learning shouldn't always be a challenge. "One point is they absorb the knowledge in their brain. Another point is they break down their goals in steps. Children should enjoy what they are learning." Kids agree.

Aditya said, "I promise you that you will improve in your thinking."

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