Good Morning
Good Morning

Playing summer wipeout in our backyard

During the, summer, I play summer wipeout with my brother, sister and cousins.

It's a fun obstacle-course game that we made up in which we squirt each other. We enjoyed making it up because we can have whatever rules we want. For our game, we have a really good, long hose. We turn on the water and we get a chalkboard to keep score.

The obstacle course begins on the swing set. When the whistle blows, the participant needs to run up the rock wall on the swing set, cross the monkey bars, go through the tunnel and then down the slide. It sounds easy, but not when you are getting soaked. If you fall off, you don't win any points for that round.

We also do obstacles that don't involve a hose. For example, we have racing games, which are fun. We play the games in our backyard, since there is a lot of space to play. During the obstacles, we also climb the fence and go on the trampoline.

Water balloons are a nice addition to the obstacle course. The most enjoyable thing about doing this is spending time with my family.

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