Good Morning
Good Morning

Playing with the XO Tablet

The XO Tablet (Vivitar) is a good learning tablet for kids 9 and younger. It teaches you things, ranging from how to become an artist to how to become an astronaut. It helped me learn my multiplication facts a lot faster. And the engineering game called Love Gear is like Cut the Rope. In Love Gear, you have to put the engines in the right order. My favorite is the how-to-draw app. I drew a turtle, a cup, Snoopy, a dragon, a Phoenix and a tank. And the kids liked My Piano. The game the kids mostly liked was Vector Pinball. Osiris' little cousin loved that game because of the music. When the pinball hits something, it makes music. You can go on the Internet, watch videos, listen to music and read books on it. A good game is Alchemy Classic. A game for young learners is Astromath, which helps with multiplication, subtraction and addition. The XO Tablet is educational, yet really fun.

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