Good Morning
Good Morning

Summer: A Kidsday poem

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

Ring! Ring! The school bells ring.

Children run out of school.

Summer begins. Students are free and are swimming in pools.

Lemonade stands are throughout neighborhoods. People riding bikes cheer.

Summer is finally here!

Homework is gone and friends meet. Parties come and go.

Every morning sun shines through windows at morning light.

Children run and stroll through the town.

Candy stores are bursting with kids.

Cold and sweet ice cream melts onto our mouths.

Kids go to camps with friends they know.

Travels to new places bring excitement.

Summer is here and it will go as soon as the bells ring for school.

Stefanie Baldante’s fifth-grade class, W.S. Mount Elementary School, Stony Brook

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