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Poetry slam gives our class an exciting challenge

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Sierra Roizman

A poetry slam is about finding a poem you love and sharing it with others.

Our class holds a poetry slam event, and what you have to do is choose, memorize and recite that poem in front of your classmates, parents and other classes in the school auditorium. After you feel that you have your poem memorized, review the poem on your own or with or others.

A couple of months after choosing a poem that is at least six stanzas and approved by our teacher, we hold the event. You can invite people to come, such as moms, dads, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and much more.

We have an emcee who introduces each person. We even have someone help with props if you want to give a little more life to your poem.

There are a lot of people working at the poetry slam. Two kids in the class that is in the poetry slam get to make the book that lists and prints all the poems. Those people also get to design the inside and outside covers.

The day of the poetry slam is exciting, but also nerve-wracking. You have to recite your poem in front of a crowd. Can you participate in this challenge? Can you complete the poetry slam? Try the challenge at home!

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