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Good Evening

Pogo-It is an excellent challenge game

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Micaela Cuccia, Garden City

I think the Little Tikes Pogo-It toy is one of the best because it gives you challenges to do.

It is an electronic interactive balance and bounce game that will tell you which direction to jump, and if you jump the wrong way, you stay on the same level. If you jump the correct way, you will move to a higher level. If you keep getting better, your level will get higher and higher.

Also, when it does not give you challenges, you can do whatever you want. If it does not give you challenges, you can give yourself challenges to get better. If you want challenges, turn on the sounds, and if you don’t want challenges, don’t turn on the sound.

Jennifer Speicher’s fourth-grade class, PS 79Q, Whitestone

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