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A taste of two waterside restaurants in Point Lookout

Kidsday reporter Emily Maresca of Merrick at Fisherman's

Kidsday reporter Emily Maresca of Merrick at Fisherman's Catch in Point Lookout. Credit: Nicole Maresca

In Point Lookout, there are two great restaurants — Fisherman’s Catch and the Point Lookout Clam Bar.

They both have great food and amazing service. The restaurants also have a great view of the water. You can see amazing sunsets over the water.  

At the Point Lookout Clam Bar, you can dock your boat, get your food and go to the beach. If you look out the window, you can sometimes see the fishing boat used to go out and get fresh seafood.

I went to Fisherman’s Catch for my birthday. When I was there, I took some pictures of the sunset. Fisherman’s Catch has a Sunday Brunch every week, and younger kids are half-price (the food, not the kids). They have eggs, bacon, waffles and pancakes. Sometimes they even have special events here, too.

Info: Fisherman's Catch. 111 Bayside Dr., Point Lookout. 516-670-9717.

The Point Lookout Clam Bar. 99 Bayside Dr., Point Lookout.. 516-897-4024,

Roland Clark’s seventh-grade English class, Merrick Avenue Middle School

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