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Pokémon club fosters new friendships

Kidsday reporters Luke Beirne and Giovanni Mazzurco bonded

Kidsday reporters Luke Beirne and Giovanni Mazzurco bonded in Pokémon Club. Credit: Heather Mason

We both love Pokémon! Last year, when we started at Salk Middle School, we met a lot of new people and sometimes it was hard to make friends. We came from different elementary schools, and Salk seemed so big. We met in one of our classes, so we kind of knew each other. But what really brought us together was Pokémon Club.

The club meets once a week after school, and there are lots of things to do. Luke has a tablet so we can play lots of video games. Gio loves to bring in his Pokémon card binder so that he can trade with the other students there.

At Pokémon Club there are challenges — you can battle with both the card game or with a GameBoy. You can watch other students play games together or just talk about Pokémon or anything else. It’s like we’ve been friends forever!

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