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Good Morning

LI kid has a huge Pokémon card collection

I started collecting Pokémon cards a year ago. I have 758 Pokémon cards in my collection, including three big binders, two boxes and one mini binder, as well as a mini box of Pokémon cards. I put some of my favorite Pokémon cards in sleeves to protect them. My cards are in great condition.

One of my most favorite Pokémon cards is Slowbro EX. It is my favorite because he was my first Pokémon card.

Two more of my favorite Pokémon cards are Mewtwo GX and Ho-Oh GX rainbow rare. I like the Mewtwo GX rainbow because it is colored like a rainbow. Another thing I like about Mewtwo GX is that it is a legendary Pokémon. A legendary Pokémon card is a card that has something special about it, like a special attack. I like that Ho-Oh GX rainbow is very powerful.

I love all of my Pokémon cards. They are so fun to collect and share with my friends.

Emily Cole and Kathy Devine’s fourth-grade class, Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville

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