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Poll: Are some video games too violent?

We see that a lot of younger kids are playing video games that they really shouldn't be playing. Games such as Assassin's Creed, Halo and Call of Duty are so popular but they are really for older kids or adults. We wanted to know if kids have actually played them. Here is what we found out. More than half the kids of the 175 kids we surveyed in grades four, five and six have played the games. Many of the kids did it out of curiosity because they have heard other kids talking about the games. Some kids tried it once or twice and didn't really like it. It was mostly boys who liked playing these violent games.

Kids told us that game settings can be changed, such as in Call of Duty so you can get rid of blood and cursing.

Most kids when we asked them about these games said the same thing: Those video games are too mature and have too much bloodshed and violence. As one kid said, in a video game you can wipe away a scar, but in real life that scar is there forever.

We say wait until you are older. As one kid said, who needs all the bad thoughts?


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