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Good Evening

Poll: Country living or city living?

We live almost 100 miles from New York City. It is a different life here than in Manhattan. There are lots of farms, less traffic, beautiful beaches and so much more. I wanted to know if kids would prefer to live in the country or the city. Here is what I found out:

City 26

Country 49

I thought everyone would want to live in the city because of all the events, stores, and other fun things that are there. I was surprised that a lot of kids would like to stay right here in Southold.

One kid said that she liked the lifestyle out here because it's nice and calm and open to the wild.

I love the country, too. I like walking with my dad and watching the birds and squirrels. My brother loves to play outside. He plays sports and rides his bike. In the city you can do that but it's noisier and more crowded.

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