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Poll: How do you handle money?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / LingFei Zhao, Westbury

I surveyed kids between ages 10 and 15 on the topic of money and got some very interesting results. My survey had two questions. The first question was: If you made money or got money from somewhere, would you spend it or save it? The second was: If your parents gave you money to buy something, would you give the change back or keep it? These questions gave my friends a lot to think about.

I surveyed 11 kids. Before surveying them, I asked myself these two questions first and gave honest answers. My answer to the first question is that I would spend the money instead of saving it. My answer to the second question is that I would keep the change instead of giving it back to my parents. Out of the 11 kids that I surveyed, seven said they would save the money and four said they would spend it. For the next question, seven kids said they would keep the change and four said they would give back the change to their parents.

I shared the results of my survey with my parents to see what they would think. They told me it was OK to spend the money that I earned, but you should always save a portion of it for the future. As far as the second question goes, they weren’t too happy that I would keep their change. This made me rethink my answer to the second question!


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