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Poll: How do you like to study?

School is getting closer and closer, and it is time to think about getting ready. At our school, we have trimesters instead of quarters like most schools do. I asked 37 kids who take trimesters with me at our school how they study. Thirty-three kids said it is best for them to study alone, three kids prefer study groups, and one kid likes to study and review with teachers.

Many kids study for trimesters in different ways, and some kids even have a specific process they use to study. Since there is a lot of information in every subject, there may be that one subject that a person might not understand. I study alone because I feel more concentrated and get better grades than studying with groups. When studying, I think it is best to have a quiet place with no distractions. What I do to study is I look over my past tests and quizzes and then I make index cards to help me understand that subject more. If you don't understand what you wrote in your notes, you can type over your notes and make index cards to help you. Good luck this year!


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