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Poll: How important are the clothes you wear to school?

Most kids in our survey said who they

Most kids in our survey said who they were on the inside mattered more than their outward appearance. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Gioia Racanelli

Do you care what you wear?

We asked 100 kids that same question, “Do you care about what you wear to school?” We thought we knew what the answers were going to be. The results, however, were not what we expected. Here they are:

Don’t care what I wear: 89

I care what I wear: 11

We were surprised by this and asked further. They stated that it isn’t what you wear that is important, it is about the type of person you are.

One boy in our grade said, “No, I do not care about what I wear. I do not because it is about what is on the inside that counts.” His friend who was listening to his answer immediately agreed.

One classmate said she does care because she doesn’t want to make a bad appearance.

Another classmate added that she doesn’t want to wear clothes that other kids might not like.

It turns out we had the wrong impression. The good part about that is that more kids thought it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. They felt good about themselves on the inside. We are actually pretty happy that most of the answers were “no,” because that means more people care about who they are and not what they’re wearing.

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