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Poll: Is it harder to join the drama club or sports team?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiera Pagano, Massapequa Park

We asked students from grades six through eight the following question: Is it harder to join a school play or a sports team? According to our survey, more kids think it is harder to get a place on the sports team. Some of the popular sports at our school are football, soccer, field hockey and basketball.

Here are our results of our survey:

School play: 47

Sports team: 53

As you can see, the results are almost even. Sports are big at our school, but so is the drama club. Here are some reasons why some think the school team is harder to join:

  • Teams have a fixed amount of players required by the league.
  • Teams don’t want to carry a lot of players because then they all don’t get to play.
  • In school plays, if you don’t get one role you can always try out for another role. If you don’t get an acting or singing part, you can always join the crew to get your foot in the door.
  • So many kids want just the main role and that can discourage some participants.
  • When auditioning, you must stand out. You have to have many talents including singing and acting to get a role.

We think no matter what, you have to at least try!

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