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Poll: Most, least favorite ‘free time’ activities

Credit: Kidsday illustration / FeiLei Li

Have you ever thought about your favorite activities? How about your least favorite activities? There are many activities that fourth- and fifth-graders in our school like to do. We know that sleep and school take up most of our time, so what do we do when it is “our” time?

The first question is what is your favorite activity to do after school? Most kids like to play sports. Forty-one kids voted for sports as their favorite. The second most popular thing (37 votes) is to play with your friends and family. Seventeen kids voted for playing video games as their favorite activity.

The second question asked about your least favorite activity. The least favorite activity is to play video games — that option received 40 votes. Thirty kids do not like sports, and 11 kids do not like playing with their friends and family.

There are a lot of activities, winter activities and summer activities. Thirty-seven kids prefer winter activities to summer activities and 53 kids chose summer activities over winter activities. These are the opinions of the kids in our school.

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