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Poll: What’s the best age to start going to sleepovers?

Most kids in the survey thought sleepovers were

Most kids in the survey thought sleepovers were fine by age 10. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kaylah Bozkurtian, Garden City

We surveyed 96 kids in the third, fourth and fifth grades about what age is appropriate to start having sleepovers.

Age 8 and younger: 21

Ages 9 to 10: 61

Ages 11 to 12: 12

12 and older: 2

Eleni, a fourth-grader, chose younger than 8 because her first sleepover was at age 2. Jadyn, a fifth-grader, agreed with Eleni because she started having sleepovers at age 4. Another fifth grader, Rebecca, also chose younger than 8 because sleepovers can help kids make new friendships.

Some kids thought that a little older would be better. A fourth-grader, Brian, chose 9 to 10 because kids start to get a little more mature. Finally, Olivia, a third-grader, chose 11 to 12 because scary movies that some kids watch at sleepovers can scare younger kids.

Most of us agreed that by age 12, kids are ready to start having some sleepover fun.

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