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Poll: What was your favorite movie of 2015?

"Minions" got 54 of 173 votes for best

"Minions" got 54 of 173 votes for best movie of 2015 Credit: AP / Illumination Entertainment

It was a really good year for new movies! We surveyed 173 fourth- and fifth-graders in our school and asked the kids what their favorite movie of 2015 was. We gave them five choices. Here are our results:


“Jurassic World”45



“Inside Out”16

As you can see from our survey, kids really like animated movies a lot. We did this survey before the new “Star Wars” movie came out, and we know kids young and old liked that one, too. “Minions” was just so cute and so much fun. We love the characters. “Jurassic World” did well. We think kids liked being scared in a fun and exciting way. We really liked “Inside Out” and thought it would do better. Kids liked it, but it wasn’t their favorite. We can’t wait to see what the best kids movie will be in 2016.

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