Good Morning
Good Morning

Poll: Which celebrity would be a good teacher?

We love our teacher, but imagine, just for one week we were able to have a celebrity teach our class. Who would you choose? We asked 181 fourth-graders in our school that fantasy question and gave them some interesting choices. Here are our results:

Nick Jonas 46

Taylor Swift 35

Meghan Trainor 35

Katy Perry 28

Sabrina Carpenter 14

R5 10

One Direction 7

Big Time Rush 6

The results are in! Could you imagine Nick Jonas coming in to teach your class? It would be so much fun. He would probably be a really good teacher too. He has been all over the world so he could teach us about geography. He writes songs so that could be music and English class. He sings and plays instruments too. There would be so many things to do with him. He has diabetes so he could be good for health class too.

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