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Popsocket review: Useful, stylish tool for your phone

Kidsday reporters Haley Marcincuk and Juliana Turner with

Kidsday reporters Haley Marcincuk and Juliana Turner with a Popsocket on a phone. Credit: Valerie Hanley

A Popsocket is a phone grip and phone stand that expands and collapses using an accordion mechanism. It is made up of three parts: a base, an accordion and a button. The platform sticks to your phone or case. The accordion allows the Popsocket to pull out and collapse from the base. Finally, the button is the design on top of the accordion.

Popsockets can be made in many different designs, prints and colors. You can even design your own. If you draw a picture, it can be printed onto your Popsocket. You can upload a photo from your camera, mobile device or computer. You also have to choose a color for the base and accordion.

Popsockets are available in floral, wood, galaxy, marble, basic colors, watercolors and many more designs. You can use a Popsocket as a stand for your phone or as a grip for taking pictures. Popsockets also can be used to wrap earphones around them, so they won’t get tangled. Popsockets are very useful and handy in everyday life.

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