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Powerhandz weighted glove offers a hand in batting

Kidsday reporter Derek Santeramo tried the Powerhandz weighted

Kidsday reporter Derek Santeramo tried the Powerhandz weighted glove. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Quicker, stronger, better — that’s how I felt after using Powerhandz ( Their weighted baseball gloves give you a new way to make your swing quicker stronger and more efficient. They are filled with tiny metal circles to weigh down the gloves.

Using the weighted gloves leads to a more powerful swing when making contact. Your fingers will not be restricted from movement. The resistance of the gloves boosts the strength of your hand and arm muscles. Of course, this tool has to be constantly used for you to get better.

To clean the gloves, do not put them inside the washing machine! Use a nontoxic aerosol spray. The gloves come in several sizes including youth and medium, and the large model, which weighs 1 pound.

I do recommend Powerhandz to those who play baseball and want to make their swing quicker, stronger, and more powerful. I would give this product a 4.5 rating. They also make equipment for other sports you might play.

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