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PowerSpurz Light Up Heel is great for training in the dark

Kidsday reporter Abigael Egan tests the PowerSpurz Light

Kidsday reporter Abigael Egan tests the PowerSpurz Light Up Heels. Credit: Egan family

I got the opportunity to try out the 4id PowerSpurz Light Up Heel, which hooks onto shoes for night training. I think this is a very smart invention.

I’m an athletic person, and I love to be outside night or day. The light was very convenient during the night because I was able to see much better while I was running around. I was even able to practice lacrosse in the dark with the light.

The other thing about the light that was very helpful was the fact that you can always be seen when wearing it. Some people are concerned with running at night because they are afraid they won’t be seen by cars, and that can be very dangerous.

Using the light while running in the dark made me feel a lot safer. The light is very bright and very easily seen in the dark. The light has two modes, a regular bright light or a blinking light. Overall, I think that this item was very useful, and I would definitely recommend it.

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