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Practice is important in becoming an altar server

Kidsday reporter Jessica Johnson assists at church as

Kidsday reporter Jessica Johnson assists at church as an altar server. Credit: Johnson family

Being an altar server for your church can be fun. You can actually be active during a Mass, but before you start, you need to know a few things.

If you would like to serve, you will be probably have to be age 9 or older in many churches. The priest, the deacon and others in your parish will probably set up practice dates. There you may learn to be a candle person or a cross person. You will need to go to all the practices so you can know what to do quickly and perfectly.

When your practices are done, you will be working on a schedule, and they will most likely pair you with someone with more experience so there will be fewer mistakes. Even if you are not sure, you can always whisper to your helper. You will wear a gown, a belt, a necklace and perhaps carry the cross or candles. It is a great way to help others in your church.

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