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We collect pressed pennies as souvenirs

Kidsday reporters Chloe Ning, left, and Stephanie Yang

Kidsday reporters Chloe Ning, left, and Stephanie Yang of Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck, collect pressed pennies on their travels. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

If you like collecting but aren’t sure what to collect, maybe you should try pennies. They are inexpensive and pleasing.

Our penny collection contains about 50 pennies. We get them at museums, amusement parks, zoos, universities, etc. From West Point to Disneyland, we have pennies from all over the world.

These pennies are made in special machines. They imprint different designs on the pennies you put in. The pennies are souvenir items, but they cost less than the usual T-shirts or other things, and they bring the same amount of pleasure.

First we put 50 cents and a penny into the machine. It bends the metal from the penny and puts the design on it. Then, after it’s done, the penny comes out from the bottom slot.

Our favorite penny is the penny from the National Zoo in Washington. It shows the pandas from China. When we go to the same place we don’t always get the same pennies. When you pay for the pennies, it shows different options you can imprint on the pennies, so even if you go to the same place as your friend, you still might get different pennies.

Thomas Hughes’ fifth-grade class, Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck


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