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Pressing your own music agenda on car rides

Why do dads have such bad taste in music? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Well, I have, and I think I have finally figured out the answer: It is simply because they are old, or shall I say older.

See, when dads are older than 30, and are not familiar with our music, they feel uncomfortable and less cool. Therefore, dads try to get us to like their music so they can sing during every dreaded car ride we have.

Dads listen to a variety of music to help them find their youth. Some listen to the '80s, country or even the horrendous rock bands from their high school years. How much Metallica, Aerosmith, Queen or Black Sabbath can they possibly listen to over and over and over again?

So what's my advice for a more peaceful car ride? Snap off that radio station immediately when they put on these dreaded songs and blast the new song you're in love with until Dad is in love with it, too.

Eventually, he will come around and see the light. What's that? You want me to get your mom to stop fussing over that Madonna music? I'm sorry, but I'm not a miracle worker . . . you're on your own!

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