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Prodigy? A math game that adds up to fun

Kidsday reporter Kervin Tima playing Prodigy.

Kidsday reporter Kervin Tima playing Prodigy. Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Prodigy is a math computer game that some schools allow their students to play.

You create your own avatar and answer math questions to try to beat another avatar. If you get the math question correct, the avatar loses health. But if you get the answer wrong, then you lose health. If your avator dies, you need to pay 100 coins to come back to life. You acquire coins by visiting places in the game. Prodigy has 10 worlds you can explore to battle different wizards and avatars.  

You can play Prodigy on your phone, desktop or tablet. Prodigy used to just be a kids game similar to Pokemon. The creators decided to make it educational so that schools could use it.

If you pay attention to the main screen where you log on, you will notice different seasons. Every time there is a new season, the game updates the different worlds to match the current season. If you have gone through all the worlds in Prodigy, you would know that there is a buried world that has the biggest and hardest enemy of all time called the Titan. Some kids have beaten the Titan, but I haven’t beat him yet.

I love Prodigy. I hope you do, too.


Mary Kate LaSpisa’s fifth-grade class, Evergreen Charter School, Hempstead

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