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Dash robot teaches programming

Kidsday reporter Melanie Beglin of Landing Elementary School,

Kidsday reporter Melanie Beglin of Landing Elementary School, Glen Cove, tested the programmable Dash robot from Wonder Workshop.  Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

I tested out Wonder Workshop's Dash plus the Sketch Kit accessory. Dash is a type of robot created to help younger programmers.

Dash helps by making programming fun, and it is a great way to learn about programming even if it is your first time. I have worked with Dash before and it is fun. My partner and I used some apps to program it. .

Dash can respond to your commands. It can also sing and dance if you program it to do so. I used the free app to program Dash; two things from the app I used were Xylophone and Blockly. The Blockly Dash Challenge Cards can help with the basics of coding by playing games. 

This toy makes programming much more fun.

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Melissa Harechmak’s fifth-grade class, Landing Elementary School, Glen Cove

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