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Programming with Microduino mCookie

Kidsday reporter Zeina Zahoori shows off her mCookie

Kidsday reporter Zeina Zahoori shows off her mCookie project. Credit: Zahoori family

Are you a creative thinker? Do you like to play around with things? Do you like programming? Well then, Microduino’s mCookie ( is the thing for you. It involves building a circuit, programming it, testing it, then using it. You can build watches, lamps, LED light sensors, Bluetooth speakers and much more! Along with making all this awesome stuff, you can learn programming.

I was given a kit to test out. You will have to download some software, but it is compatible with Windows and Apple. The kit came with many small chips and cool pieces. It also came with some pieces to connect your circuits to Legos. I downloaded the program and began working. It was so much fun learning what each part of the program meant. Be aware, you will need an Android in order to use the Bluetooth and music applications. For all builds, you will need the Core USB module because it stores all the programs.

The first test I did was the Grumpy Grandpa. I connected the modules and the different wires and chips needed. When I downloaded the program, I spoke into a microphone and the speaker made a wailing noise.

Next, I did the Cowardly Night Light BLE. I connected the modules and circuits and then downloaded the program. In the dark, the LED lights turned on. I programmed the sensitivity of the sensor so that when I would cover it, the LED lights would turn on.

The whole experience on how it worked was amazing. I definitely recommend using this program if you like engineering and computers. It really helps you understand and see how things work.


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