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Project Adventure is a challenge in trust, teamwork

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Theresa Bambrick, Floral Park

Project Adventure is used as a unit in gym class. The purpose of this is for students to work together and solve problems and situations given to them. This unit takes 10 weeks. It starts with trust activities, then moves to low elemental activities that are meant to bring out leadership. But students might get too scared and held back by their fears, so they don’t take the lead in trying to direct their group to finish the situation.

We noticed in our school that girls tend to do better with cooperating with their group. On the other side, boys tend to not cooperate and just try to finish quickly without thinking the situation through, then they get aggravated and start yelling at each other.

Not including the ropes and climbing, each activity can take the whole period, which is 80 minutes, or just five to 10 minutes. You do not have to participate in all the climbing activities, but you must learn how to tie the rope harness for the climbers — this is called challenge by choice. Project Adventure is for students to overcome fears in a fun, safe environment.

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