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Pros and cons of having a TV in your room

Do you have a TV in your room? Do you want one? Should you have one? Here is my argument for having one:

You should have a TV in your room if you know you're responsible. If you're not, then you could learn to be responsible by making sure you don't sneak off watching TV all night instead of sleeping. It could also teach your parents to trust you more.

If your parents still don't trust you, they can always give a few rules, like don't watch TV while studying.

If someone in your family wants to watch something other than what you want to, then without having a fight, you could just watch in your room. This might help you relax a little after a long day. A TV may just lower your stress.

Here is my argument for not having one: You should not have a TV in your room because it might hurt your eyes or you might get distracted from important work such as homework and studying for a test.

You might be tempted to watch TV instead of sleeping.

If you have a TV in your room, then you have less family time. Instead of watching in the living room with your family, you could always just go to your room and watch. Because your parents are probably not watching you, you could always put on some inappropriate show you shouldn't be watching.

Watching TV could take away time from other things like reading and going outside to play. If you just sit around and do nothing, you will gain some weight and get less healthy.

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