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Pros and cons of keeping dogs in cages

Have you gone to a pet store and felt bad for the dogs just sitting there in cages? I have. I was so upset by the conditions dogs are forced to live in, I decided to research ways to improve their lives in pet stores. I got some of my information from websites: 3 Lost Dogs and PETA. In my research I found some positive and negative effects of cages for dogs.

Cages can be positive because they can be a space where each dog can have its free time without being bothered. Cages are a place for dogs to sleep. Cages are a good place to keep canines out of trouble. If a dog is properly introduced to its cage it could be like its room.

There are negative effects to dogs being locked up in cages for too long. A cage is just a way to ignore dogs. Even though dogs like their cages, if they're in it for too long it could cause major effects, like aggression and eating disorders and not enough exercise.

I think a good solution to this would be for pet stores to have places where dogs could be in big open spaces with other dogs. They should get time to exercise and time to sleep in their cage.

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