Good Morning
Good Morning

Proud to volunteer at St. Francis Hospital

Volunteering at St. Francis Hospital makes me proud! I wake up on Saturday mornings and head down to the gift shop to begin my day of volunteering. My grandfather works there, and I go and help him out. The gift shop is in the main lobby of the hospital. When people come to visit loved ones at the hospital, they can stop in to purchase a special gift before their visit.

My first task at the gift shop is to put the price tags on the items and get them ready to be displayed on the shelf for the customers to purchase.

Sometimes, I collect the holiday items that have not sold and return them to the storage closet.

We also have a big wall of candy for customers to purchase. When the candy supply is low, I am able to put more out. On holidays, the gift shop will sell specific items related to that holiday.

For example, on Thanksgiving, instead of selling a teddy bear stuffed animal, I put a turkey stuffed animal on the shelf.

Volunteering here is fun and it makes me feel good that I am able to help people. So, if you happen to be there visiting someone, come into the gift shop. I'm sure you'll find something you like.

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