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Public school kids sort of have uniforms, too

Kidsday reporters from left, Emily Kushner, Jordyn Newman,

Kidsday reporters from left, Emily Kushner, Jordyn Newman, Stephanie Emanuel, Haley Goldberg and Riley Fink in their "uniforms." Credit: Florence Izzo

Do public schools have uniforms? Most schools do not have a strict uniform but a lot of middle school students have an “unofficial” uniform because so many wear the same things.

For girls, that unofficial uniform consists of Adidas sneakers or Uggs, black leggings, chokers, and Grab & Go ponytail holders.

Middle school uniforms for boys are most often Elite shorts and Elite socks, Vibe sweatpants and Nike sneakers.

Why does everyone in middle school wear the same things? When we asked students, none of them realized that they all wore such similar clothing and accessories. Maybe it is because we all shop at the same stores. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that middle school seems to be a place of conformity.

Students all tend to go with the crowd and try to fit in. They don’t like to stand out. Boys and girls in middle school are less likely to do their own things and break from the crowd.

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