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Good Morning

Pumpkin picking and more fun at Lewin Farms

Last year I went to an amazing pumpkin patch. It was at Lewin Farms. It had certain spots like a place where you can shoot stuffed arrows with plastic bows. It also has a candy shop, a place like a little pumpkin patch. It is not just about picking great seasonal fruit and vegetables: There are even fun things to do like riding little bikes with giant tires that let you pedal through dirt. There is a place where you can pump water just like in the old-fashioned times.

I recommend it for you and your family because it's a great family place for kids or anyone who loves having fun or if you ever need a new pumpkin.

This time of year you can pick pumpkins, apples, peppers and tomatoes. Right after Thanksgiving, it is a great place to get your own Christmas tree. You may want to go to Lewin Farms for the best time! It is at 812 Sound Ave., Wading River. Call 631-929-4327. Or visit online.

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