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Puppies are great for your health

Did you know that owning a pet can make you healthier and happier?

Walking your dog can lower your blood pressure. As you walk, your body releases a hormone, which is a chemical that lowers your blood pressure. Exercising every day also helps you grow healthy muscles, both for you and your pet.

Having a pet can also make you happier. By getting out of your house and exercising with your pet, you could meet new people. Pets always love you, so they are happy to be with you.

When I was younger, I had a fear of dogs, I was always afraid they were going to bite me, but not anymore. I loved playing with Venus, my neighbor's dog, and just visiting her made me so happy. My parents saw how much I loved playing with Venus, so they got me a new puppy! He's a white Maltipoo and his name is Cody. Cody is my new best friend!

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