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I brought my teachers a delicious treat

I brought Hispanic food to school one day. If you’re wondering what kind of Hispanic food I brought to school, I will tell you. It was pupusas and horchata. They never knew what either was, so I brought both in for them to sample. They had it for lunch and said it was delicious.

Kidsday reporter Diana Palacios introduced her teachers to

Kidsday reporter Diana Palacios introduced her teachers to two Hispanic dishes, pupusas and horchata.


Photo Credit: Jean Mahland

A pupusa is a stuffed corn tortilla. They can be stuffed with ground pork, refried beans, loroco and mozzarella cheese. I brought my teachers pupusas stuffed with cheese only. Horchata is a drink that is made with milk, vanilla, cinnamon and sugar. The one I brought in was made from the milk, water and a ready-made powder.

The best place to buy both pupusas and horchata is at Eben Ezer Restaurant, 126 Jefferson St., Inwood. My teachers discovered they love Hispanic food!

Jean Mahland and Sharon Mor’s fourth-grade class, Lawrence Elementary School

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