Good Morning
Good Morning

Queens Botanical Garden ready for spring

It's a warm, sunny and beautiful Saturday morning. You wake up, know it is the start to a great day, and what would be better than to go to the Queens Botanical Garden? When you walk into the garden, you are greeted by a wonderful smell of nature. There are flowers everywhere.

The garden is different through all the months of the year. In the spring, the garden is full of blossoms and light green trees with butterflies fluttering and honeybees buzzing around happily. The plants are full of life and color.

In the summer, the trees turn a lovely shade of green. The flowers are beautiful and full grown. You can hear birds chirping and all the animals and insects enjoying their safe spot in the middle of a very busy city.

In the winter, there aren't a lot of trees with leaves, and snow falls every now and then. The garden is quiet, as if it is waiting for spring, so the cycle may begin again.

Spring is here, so stop in and enjoy the beauty.

Queens Botanical Garden is at 43-50 Main St., Flushing. Go online at

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