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'Radio City Christmas Special' and a dance lesson from the Rockettes

Do you know what the word spectacular means? It means "very impressive and causing wonder and admiration." That's why the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" is just that -- spectacular!

The four of us went to Radio City Music Hall. The show is so amazing. We could never decide on one favorite part. The organ music before the show started was an unexpected treat. It sounded so cool. We also loved the beautiful Rockettes, and their dance routines looked so impressive. It must have taken so much practice to stay so perfect for so long!

We loved the routine the Rockettes perform when they pretend to be wooden soldiers and fall in line one by one on top of one another. There was also a routine with so many dancing Santas we didn't know where to look first. We loved the Christmas story during which the live camels and sheep came on stage.

One of the exciting details of the show was that there was always something happening. It made the show go really quickly. There was a 3-D part, a part when these beautiful crystal balls fell from the ceiling, there were people dancing on the sides of the stage, and snowflakes even fell from the sky. This show is great for kids and adults of all ages. It really gets you in the holiday spirit and is very entertaining.

We give it 5 smiles!

But our day didn't start with the show. Before we made it into the theater, we met two Rockettes -- Tara Dunleavy and Jennifer Clavin -- in their rehearsal studio. Both dancers are from Long Island. We had the awesome opportunity to take a dance class with them before the show. We felt really honored that they would take time to teach us when they had to be on stage that day in front of 6,000 people.

Tara and Jennifer tried to teach us some basic dance moves that all Rockettes need to know. We learned how to "toe the line," which meant put your toes exactly where the black line is on the floor. Being really exact is what makes the Rockettes always look perfect. Some of the dance steps were really hard to do, such as trying to walk very stiffly like a wooden soldier. Tara and Jennifer showed us how to do each part of the step and then put the steps together. They were really good teachers! We also loved learning the really high kicks! What a great day -- learning to dance with the Rockettes and then actually seeing them in the show.

There are still tickets available to the show. It runs through Dec. 31. We think you should go, You can find tickets:

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