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Good Morning

Quail eggs hatch into class project

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

I went into Mrs. Tricia Wilder’s class, a kindergarten room, and asked her about when she raised quail eggs last year. She said that she wanted her class to have an experience they would never forget.

She had taken her class to Seatuck, a wildlife refuge in Islip, to see quail eggs and then bought 12 eggs. She and her class got an incubator and put the eggs in it.

The eggs were in the incubator for 17 days. The students watched the chicks hatch early on a Monday morning and were overjoyed that their class “pets” had hatched. The chicks stayed in the class for three weeks after they hatched. Kids brought in worms and crickets to feed them.

Mrs. Wilder also said that she brought in these animals because she learned that they eat ticks, which is very helpful to Long Island. You should ask your teacher for these cool birds in your classroom!

Jaclyn Graham’s students, Plaza Elementary School, Baldwin

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