Good Morning
Good Morning

Raising baby chicks at home

My family has just started raising chickens. My mom always wanted to raise chickens, so we decided to do it. First we had to get the supplies. We bought hay, chicken food and a special water bottle. We also needed a big plastic box for the baby chicks. You also need to keep a light on so the baby chicks won't freeze. Finally we went to Mother Earth and bought six baby chicks.

Each of us girls got two chicks to take care of. I named mine Bob and Junior. Bob is chubby and Junior is the smallest chick. I feed them twice a day. You can feed chicks anything but meat. They are still young so they can't lay eggs yet.

Did you know that it is against the law to have a rooster in neighborhoods? Usually people think chickens can't fly, but they can. They like to hop around.

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